Co-founder, Designer/Artist

Her profession is Graphic designer, she always have liked videogames and from the beginnings of her carrer have been linked to them, even creating her own projects. She likes paint in general and let herself be involved in all the coloring stages of our projects, giving life in that area to the characters, back grounds and more.


Co-founder, Musician

Musician, composer and interpreter. His passion for Music take him to study sing and musical theory. He has take part from early age in bands of diverse genres. His love for videogames make him combine both passions, to paly and to «play» and for more professionalism he study musical production in videogames. He always brings creativity in videogames development, contributing whit sketches, ideas or schemes. Some of his work:


Co-founder, Animator, Producer

Graduate from digital animation in 2015, whith some short films presented in festivals and varied knowledge in animation production, his next step was the videogame world, where you can interact directly with the work and fusion of various elements on gameplay, he likes, also, the production world and he is the face on meetings on the majority of our projects. some of his work: (animator/productor) (production assistant/animation/intercalation/color/effects) (animation/mounting)


Co-founder, Architect, Designer, Legal representative

Architect from 2007, with year of expertise in retail development and public spaces, space designer in 3d, comics and videogame cartoonist and scriptwriter. he likes to create universes where the imaginative work can’t be curtailed by a «you can’t» or a «not reaching the budget», this are the some of the motivations to work in videogames for him. Also his strong suit as a Designer lead him to create all sort of machination in our games, from the story to the design, and too, all the paper work that nobody wants to get into, «some one has to do it, so, watherever…» famous words…


Co-founder, Engineer

Engineer in infrastructures and technological platforms with expertise in project management oriented to the use of technology. a passionate of computing and electronics in all its branches, robotics in particular, from early age he liked to understand how things work, spirit that has gided him to today in the development of his proffesional labors to this date.


Co-founder, Senior Enginier

Civil Engineer in Computing with experience in areas of support, retail, banking and custom services. from early age he has a great interest in the visual arts, drawing and animation, which later are mixed with his professional development in computing and his love of the world of video games. In addition to his professional training, he has carried out a series of informal and self-taught trainings in areas such as illustration, 3d modeling, use of video game development engines, among others, which he is currently putting into practice through his foray into development of video games, also, he take care of things associated whit legal payments on chercan, what a man.