CROP CRISIS (In development)

CROP CRISIS  Is situated In a Earth-like world, an transgenic food company commonly works in their area, until one of their experiments gets out of control and transforms vegetables into monsters: meat-hungry mutant aberrations. Only a few employees with the tools to stop the disaster are in the immediate vicinity and will do everything possible to stop the chaos that begins to take over the city and discover the actions that the company has taken to maximize their profits. It is being made thanks to UNREAL ENGINE and is a platform game whit minig, construction, resource management and rougelike elements to be played alone or in online cooperation teams, adding a lot fun trying to survive every stage.


OBSCURA is a game based on the control and cooperation of 2 characters in the middle of a world war that awakens a dormant threat that can devour the world, for 1 player in 2d format, made occupying the UNITY development engine, where the action is alternated with the resolution of Puzzles to survive in the different stages represented in the game, facing in each one, different dangers that seek to eliminate the player.


Developed for LEGENDS OF LEARNING (LoL) platform of learning, we have done the act of learning more fun, based on a theme that the lead team of LoL gently
proposed to us, about the changes that the moon makes on earth, that was developed whit UNITY and will be released soon.


The video game is a TOWER DEFENSE where you have to protect a sacred structure from a wave of infidels looters. You are in control of a god and must protect your temple from this looters The game will feature many levels and different types of gods to play. You lose the game when they steal the entire structure of the temple. Made on UNITY for mobile, we have to stop for now the development just to refocus on some new things, but who knows, time will tell.